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Main info
An interesting and unique game world in which you will not be bored
Server Chronicles: Interlude
Exp / Sp: x1200, Adena: x10 (in the locations of Ketra / Varka x50)
20 level when creating a character
All characters at creation receive the status of the nobleman (Noblesse)
There is no penalty for Grade
Maximum level of enchant level for weapons and armor +18
Chance Item Skill - 3%, High - 5%, Top - 10%
The buff time is 2 hours, the number of slots under the buff 40
Easily delete Alt + click buffs
Auto Combat Potion (ACP) - automatic use of cans HP, MP, CP
Noblesse Blessing, BlockBuff and conversion skills Adena / Eternal Coin
Apella sets have stats Dark Crystal, Draconic, Imperial Crusader + 10% P.Def / M.Def
Many weak professions are strengthened, many interesting PvP
No need to take on the epic quest, all quests item is added to the store
Enchant with 100% chance is available for all players
It’s possible to get Low-Epic jewelry in an easy, playful way
Drop Eternal Coin/High-Grade Life Stone with CHAMPION in location Ketra/Varka
All Raid Boss up level 80 and have valuable drop
Add Eternal Boss, revival everyday at 22:30, have interesting item in drop!
Every weekend there are sieges of castles Dion, Aden - reward taking 100 COL
Fan PvP area - Gludio Town
Events L2-Day (Eternal), Pumpkins, TvT, DM, CTF, LH, HG, BF, MT
Nooblese, Sub-Class and Olympiad
All characters at creation receive the status of the nobleman (Noblesse)
Sub-Class without a quest, it is possible to take up to 5 classes
You can take absolutely any class, even Overlord

Reinforced majority of weak classes at the Olympics - more
The period Olympiad is 1 week, fights are held every day, 18:00 - 00:00 GMT+3.
Many valuable prizes for winning in battles
Non-class fights, starting from 5 player registrations
Class battles are disabled
The maximum enchant level for all things is +7, if higher - is reset
Epic Boos
For convenience, the level of all bosses Epic Boss, raised to 80
Detailed time of revival
No longer need to undergo quests! Quests items added to the store
Drop rate jewelry 100%
On all epic implemented АОЕ, PvP, Disconnected areas
Implemented comand .epic - for easy monitoring of the status
Purification Field = 5 minutes - statis reuse
Flames of Invincibility = 5 seconds - statis hittime
Flames of Invincibility = 60 minutes - statis reuse
Flames of Invincibility (ally UD) - now works like the chronicles above: if you have the Flames of Invincibility effect - you are invulnerable for 30 seconds, while not using any skill or attack. Now, is useful only for changing clan positions.
Clan system
When you create a clan gets 8 level
The Academy, the Royal Guard and the Order of the Knights - are disabled
You can create an alliance to make a big clan icon
Number of clans in the alliance = 1
The maximum number of members of the clan = 18
All clan skills affect all members of the clan (regardless of rank)
No clan reputation is required to learn clan skills.
Items for learning clan skills added to in drop Ketra/Varka
Bonus 10% for replenishing before starting the server х1200!